A destination and its accommodation: a villa, cottage or hotel in Ile de Ré


Do you like calm and serenity? Do you want to spend a pleasant holiday in a special place with your family? In addition to having a dream landscape, This island offers the most comfortable and affordable accommodation you have ever seen. Come and enjoy a hotel in Ile de Re with http://myhomein-iledere.com/ and spend the best holiday of your entire life! Take a look at the pros and cons of renting a vacation cottage in www.holidays-cottages.com/.

Exceptional, this is the right adjective for this splendid Island

Memorable features, this is the appropriate description of the hotels in Ile de Re. Helping you to best enjoy your stay in this lovely Island, prestigious hotels are in Ile de re to please you with excellent service, great food and charming atmosphere. Hotels like hotel de Toiras, La villa Clarisse, Hotel Le Clos, Hotel le Richelieu and Hotel la Jetee will provide you with the most pleasant features you have ever experienced. And a friendly, competent and welcoming staff  will do their best to satisfy you. So you may at ease find in this charming Island the right hotel suited to you and see the beauty of the landscape.

You will admire the beautiful sandy beaches in the pretty seaside cottages in Ile de Re

Comfortably furnished cottages like the fisherman’s cottage or La Maison Balnéaire will offer you the joy and the tranquillity you want. After surfing, swimming, fishing, or canoeing, you will be able to rest and relax on sun loungers in your terrace, watch your TV-satellite or simply read books. Serenity and peace, simplicity and comfort, they are the most important features if you want to spend a pleasant holiday, aren’t they? All these cottages are decorated by the exquisite beauty of the Island, and it is the perfect recipe for an unforgettable holiday.

To sum up, Ile de re is an amazing island. Pine forests, vineyards, stunning golden beaches, splendid fauna and flora, charming traditional houses and a rich culture are there to make you dream and rest at the same time. Then, comfortable hotels are there to provide you with all you need. Hotels in Ile de Re are among the best hotels in Europe. And for those who want calm and privacy, you may choose a seaside cottage where you can relax and have an enjoyable holiday.

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