Hiring a car during your holiday in the UK

Hiring a car during

Car hire in the UK has turned into a gruesome trade over the years. Gone are the days when you would visit a rental car company, sign a contract and handed the car keys. Today, travellers have to deal with aggressive salespeople, long queues and hefty charges at the pick-up and drop off desks, not to mention the additional insurance charged in case the vehicle gets damaged. Brokers, on the other hand, provided an escape for travellers for a while. Find all the travel tips and recommendations that will allow you to enjoy your vacation anywhere around the world in tiptravel.info. However, the growing competition has caused them to adopt underhanded tactics like displaying false prices on the sites to attract travellers. But on arrival, the tourists are slapped with extremely car hire prices that are charged by the company. Such malpractices have led most people travelling on holiday in the UK to look for alternative means of hiring cars like private car hire services. So here are some usuful informations that will help to find good private cars services during your holiday in the United kingdom.

Drivy UK

The company is based in France and was launched in the UK in 2010. Drivy UK provides car hire services through individual car owners, local deals and independent car hire companies. It has a fleet of 50,000 vehicles, providing commuter services around Europe, and allows car owners to install technology in their vehicles. As such, travellers can access the website using an app that eliminates the need for the customer and the car owner to meet. Its website is user-friendly, and users can find vehicles as close as 0.2 miles away.

Peer to Peer Car Rental UK

Several companies have been launched in a bid to provide p2p car rental services in London. This car model was developed based on the premise that car owners can earn extra revenue by renting out their vehicles when they are not using them by giving users a wide variety to choose from. Here are some of the benefits of engaging this form of private car rental service in the United Kingdom..

Leverages on the Local Community

P2P car rental services leverage technology to ring convenience to the user and some money to the car owner. Many people park their vehicles for a day or more without using them. With private hire services, car owners can earn income by signing up their vehicles to "hire my car" companies and websites.

Access to a Variety of Vehicles

Traditional car hire companies provided a limited number of private cars models for hire. With peer to peer car rental in UK, travellers can choose from a wide range of vehicles as a large number of people subscribe to the app. As such, if you are looking for a luxurious ride like a Mercedes, BMW or, simple Sedan or maybe a van, you are bound to find any car you want. Drivy UK, for example, had 50,000 vehicles subscribed to the service, and this number continues to grow every year.

Reliable Services

Private car rental UK services verify user profiles before handing over the vehicles to the users. The drivers have to provide valid driving licenses and confirm their eligibility with DVLA. Also, car owners are required to rent out roadworthy cars to avoid causing further damage to the car during use.

The affordability

P2P sharing allows car owners to recover most of the vehicle's expenses. As such, users can enjoy affordable prices compared to other forms of car hire services. Keep in mind that the vehicle owner has already handled costs such as insurance, which often cause the prices to increase. P2P companies partner with car insurance providers for a reasonable policy for the time you rent a car from owner.

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