personalized training in eyelash extension

training in eyelash extension

Published on : 02 October 20194 min reading time

Long eyelashes are considered to be a sign of beauty in many cultures. Many women who are not as fortunate to have thick and long eyelashes resort to many methods to make their eyelashes appear lusher and longer. Whether we talk about homemakers or a model, eyelash extensions are a part of the beauty regime for women everywhere, and that has opened up all kinds of career opportunities in eyelash extensions. The career can be promising provided you get trained from a reputable academy like

The various choices

If your eyelashes are sparse and you love the long, lustrous lashes that TV presenters have, then an eyelash extension job might be just what you’re after. Then again there are people who wash their eye make-up off at night and wake up the next day looking bland and uninteresting. For many people who long to have sexy eyelashes, lash extensions come like an answered prayer. True, you can glue on fake lashes or even get a lash expert to glue on lashes for 8 weeks or so but lash extensions look like the real thing. Every one of us experiences some or other problems with our looks that we just wish we could change. Because eyes are the first thing people notice about you, you can now select eye products which you can use with complete confidence and which improve your looks in your own style. It is why so many people are looking at doing eyelash extension training, the demand is so large.

Ensure your Training Solves People’s Beauty Problems

There is an art to knowing what lashes suit certain people. The type of lashes you get will essentially depend on the length and the strength of your own lashes. Opting for lashes that are way too thick for instance may even cause damage to your own natural lashes in the long run. A well-trained, skilled lash technician gets their training from a reputable source. They will then be able to study your face and your eyes and then skillfully match up eyelashes to your unique looks.

Certified Technicians a Must

Misencil technicians are certified and this is important to know because then you know that things such as sanitation and sterilization are adhered to. The waterproof glue is typically used by health professionals and the Misencil HD glue has been developed especially for an eyelash extensions application. The Misencil lashes are applied one by one, and they’re coated with a microtexture for better adhesion. You get a beautiful, fresh, natural look. With this training, you’ll get to know all the eyelash extensions products which suit your individual clients. Sometimes it can happen that you can’t attend a class and then you can arrange for personalized training from a dedicated trainer. You have to get the right training because mistakes can cause injury to the client. With proper training, you will learn about –

• The entire application process
• Health and safety aspects when applying the lashes
• Actually preparing the client for the process
• Products to use for the application
• Choosing the right lashes for the client
• You’ll learn all the latest lash trends

You Practice on Live Models

With your training, you will learn the correct techniques so that your client can put their trust in you. You’ll have certified trainers who will share their knowledge with you and of course, you will get the chance to actually practice applying eyelash extensions on live models and under supervision. Whatever image your clients want, with eyelash extension training, you can provide excellent skills to give them a look of glamour, panache and pizzazz.

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