Travel agencies websites: boost your activity on the web using Google Ads


No matter what niche you’re targeting with your web presence, to have even the slightest chance of staying competitive your digital marketing strategy has to incorporate Google Adwords in some way. Travel agency websites are no exception and in fact, because of the increasing importance of search engine optimization platforms such as, the indication is that no online presence-building effort is complete without implementing a specialized approach to Google ads for agency owners in particular. Here’s why travel agency sites should focus on using Google Ads to boost their web activity:

Kick-starting and boosting direct conversions

Search engine advertising has largely been seen to be quite an expensive exercise in the past, especially for start-up businesses with a limited marketing budget, and small to medium enterprises. As expensive as it was previously considered to be, travel agency website owners made sure to find a way to make the means to run search engine advertising campaigns, because of just how effective they still are to this day. In addition to a justified suggestion of decent conversion rates, since someone running a Google search for some travel accommodation and other services is probably ready to buy, pay-per-click ads allow the travel agency site owner to collect targeted data about their customers, such as who exactly is completing the purchase, when they’re completing it and what the conversion rate is. All of this is in addition to many other data points, of course. So Google Ads can kick-start and boost direct conversions.

Capturing leads for future or repeat business

With their consent, of course, a travel agency website owner can keep the details of their buying customers on file, so that they can repeatedly send them new offers they’re likely to buy and market special promotions to them without having to dig into the marketing budget again. So Google Ads allow travel agency website owners to capture the hottest leads and set up a mutually beneficial relationship which can result in future, repeat business.

How search engine marketing aids organic SEO

YouTube is owned by Google, right and it has grown into somewhat of a search engine unto itself? Now, the video-ranking algorithm used for YouTube offers a window into the much more complex algorithm Google uses for its search engine. With that in mind it becomes important to consider the impact a paid-ads campaign is likely to have on organic search engine optimization. Honest YouTubers acknowledge how paid ads used to boost views for their videos often result in some momentum gathered by their videos. After the paid ads are complete, they keep getting new visitors organically, probably because of the higher ranking scoring points which are tallied in part by counting the number of visits received. When it comes to applying the same logic to the digital marketing strategy for a travel agency website, the suggestion is that the search engine advertising efforts deployed would aid the organic SEO marketing process.

The importance of laser-targeting within your specific niche

Entire Google Adwords agencies, tools, utilities and platforms exist for the sole purpose of helping website owners in specific niches with their Google Adwords strategies, as a dedicated service. This highlights the importance of getting it right with the picking out of specific keywords and keyphrases, with the campaign monitoring, planning and tweaking, and with the general approach to this important area of digital marketing. Even when taking into account alternative advertising platforms such as social media, it still doesn't get more specific than Google Ads as far as it goes with niche targeting. To avoid unnecessary wastage, however, the more targeted your ads are within your specific niche, the better. For instance, as the owner of a travel agency website, you wouldn't want any click-through's wasted on a visitor who has a broad interest in the travel niche, but isn't necessarily looking for the services of an online travel agent such as yours.

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