Why a travel agency should go for more human interaction

travel agency

There are a lot of travel agencies nowadays. However, the problem is that even if  travelers want to spend marvelous holydays, they would like to save money and time. Surveys were done and showed that tourists prefered to  run through online travel agencies. The question  is « why ».

Travel agencies should come to travelers

To begin with, travelers are looking for the best method for them to plan their trip. And nowadays, online travel agences are very famous. Indeed, there are many advantages of runnig through a travel website. First, you will save time. Contrary to simple travel ageny, online travel agencies try to stisfy at most it’s customers. They are offering them the ability to book at anytime they want. Online agencies are proposing instant service. They will be available for the travelers at anytime they need further informations about a destination. So, if a travel agency wants to be competitive, they should make the effort of going to their customers and offering them better services. They will not be disapointed.

Travel agencies should create travel forums

Online travel agencies not only offer instant answers, but they are proposing a place for exchanges also. Travel forums are spaces where travelers may meet meet new friends. They may share their experiences and they may help each other. Indeed, they may post their questions, their comments and their reviews. It’s the favourite way for tourists to check their planing list to avoid misfortune.In addition to that, unlike simple travel agencies, travel forums are offering living spaces. So, to satisfy their customers’ need, travel agencies should create a place where they may communicate better.

As a conclusion, trere is a great competition between travel agencies. And to be more competitive, travel agencies should communicate with their customers. They should better their way of proposing services. They should have theri own travel websites. Their customers will save theri time and their money. Online travel agencies will always be there to provide every thing their customers need. Travelers will make new acquaitances.  They will have the opportunity to ask the opinion of other travelers. They will also have to give help to them in their turn. To conclude, by being more open to their customers,  travel agencies will better themselves.

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