December 2017: discover the best of France

best of France

Christmas is now drawing near at hand. There's no shortage of activities for all ages in France, which will culminate in truly memorable Christmas and New Year's Eve holidays. Find out its popular events, festivals, attractions, food, and drink. So here is our pick of the best of France. Book your stay in advance to enjoy unbeatable rates on your hotel in Paris the hotel-bedford.

Food and drink

Spending Christmas and New Year's Eve holidays in France really are a foodie’s heaven. France has it all on a plate. For a delicious taste of France, head to the place d’Austerlitz. You will find wines along with local food delicacies full of surprises. For local food, visit the place Jeanne d’Arc in Colmar. You will also be able to discover some of the best craft coffee and stand-out restaurants at this place. Try garlicky aligot in the Place du Capitole, Toulouse. Seek out several famous fine food stores? Place de la Madeleine is the place to be.


If you’re looking for non-stop action, France has something for everyone. Start your Christmas in Paris. In fact, the City of Lights doesn’t fail to deliver by the time Christmas arrives. Tons of entertainment for kids and families round it all up such as the Christmas carousels and ice-skating rinks. Take a stroll along the Champs-Elysées and admire the city's decorated and illuminated Christmas trees. What would a trip to Paris be without a stop at the Eiffel Tower? It's a beautiful sight to see, particularly during the winter season. Don't miss out Paris Christmas markets with games, all sorts of rides, and many more activities for kids. Don't forget your cameras and video cameras, these are memories you will want on film!

Apart from that, there are many things to do in Monaco to celebrate the holidays. You can attend a holiday concert, enjoy live music and dance with a DJ all night to ring in the New Year. Visitors can also enjoy festive atmosphere in Monaco, like a festive dinner at the Blue Bay. You can easily reach this place onboard a Range Rover hire in Monaco on Christmas Eve and on New Year's Eve. Monaco is also aglow with outdoor celebrations and parades, so whatever you want to do, this place has it all. Of course, there are many other places to spend the holidays in France, including Corsica, Toulouse, and Alsace. For instance, you can watch circus performers, and puppeteers going to Provence.


When it comes to shopping, France offers a unique Christmas shopping experience. Browse the Covered Market of the Koïfhus for paintings, antiques, crafts, and jewelers. Travellers can pick up colorful Christmas gifts and decorations in Lille. Find all kinds of products to celebrate Christmas in Avignon's Christmas markets such as gourmand food products, charming gifts and santons. You can even uncover some small boutiques and enjoy traditional treats like the merry-go-round. Where else? Pick up excellent food in all the markets in Reims itself, the capital of Champagne. Last but not the least, you can also bag yourself amongst high fashion and French couture bargains in France.

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